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 Server Rules! MUST READ New people.

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PostSubject: Server Rules! MUST READ New people.   Mon Aug 09, 2010 3:58 pm

Hey Its Head Admin Jack Bring You Global Wars Rules!

1: No Xlogging, This is a serious offense, This could land you a IPBan.

2: Keep Cussing to a minimum, This is a minimal offense, Your aloud to swear around your friend's, But if one of them reports you, You will recieve a Mute. This mute will last 1 hour. If you do it twice it will be a 24hr mute and a 30min jail.

3: Respect Staff member's, This is a Medium offense, Could land you with a 1 hour mute and a 30mins Jail.

4: If you find a dupe / Glitch / Advantage, Report it on forums or send it to a staff member on forum's Private message, If you use these " Glitches " To your advantage you will be BANNED.

5: Don't make a stupid thread, For example, On report a player you made a thread saying r0fl,zmwdj spam, Then you will recieve a warning, You will get 3 warnings, After 3 warnings you will recieve a 24hr ban, If you continue after your 24 hour ban, You will be banned for a week, if you STILL carry on it will be a perm Ban.

6: Don't Even Bother trying to syi us, HARDCORE Offense, You will be automaticly ip banned, Straight, No warnings, No nothing, Don't bother, it takes you like 5 mins to set up your syi'er and us 5 seconds too ip ban you, It's Not hard.

7: If you recieve a mute / ban and then decide to make a new account and do it again you will recieve an IPMute, Again, It takes you ages to set up your spammer or whatever, and 5 seconds for us to type ::ipban.. So think about it.

8: Racism, Serious offence, end up in a 24hr mute or a 1 hour jail.

Any more rules i can think of will be added here, Sincerly Admin Jack.

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PostSubject: Re: Server Rules! MUST READ New people.   Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:00 pm

Stickied and closed
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PostSubject: Re: Server Rules! MUST READ New people.   Sun Aug 15, 2010 8:25 am

Too much no one would be bothered reading them. lol
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PostSubject: Re: Server Rules! MUST READ New people.   

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Server Rules! MUST READ New people.
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