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 Char's Guide for yell colours

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PostSubject: Char's Guide for yell colours   Sat Aug 14, 2010 10:05 pm

So yeah, a lot of people are pissed because they don't know how i write in colours, rage no more! here is the guide

<i><Col=999999> Silver
<i><Col=Fff000> Gold
<i><Col=F000> Black
<i><Col=Fff0> Cyan
<i><Col=Fffff0> White
<i><Col=Fff0fff> Purple
<i><Col=77> Midnight Blue
<i><Col=Ab53cd> Pink-Silver
<i><Col=123456> Grey
<i><Col=555> Really light Blue
<i><Col=Ff0000> Red

Now this might not make sence atm, ill tell you how to use it tho:
For example if you want to write hi in red colour, type
::yell <i><Col=ff0000> hi

Another example, if you want to type selling ags in silver colour type:
::yell <i><Col=999999> selling ags

Hope this helped you Wink enjoy.
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Char's Guide for yell colours
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